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Traxstech offers a limited- lifetime warranty on all products manufactured to be free of defects in workmanship and materials, when used under normal operating conditions and when applied in accordance with specifications.

Traxstech will repair or replace at its option, any of its product which has been found to be defective , provided that the product is shipped freight prepaid to the Chesaning, MI plant.

The liability under this warranty shall be solely limited to repair or replacement of the companies product within the warranty period and shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any consequential, incidental or indirect damages or expenses associated with the warranted product.  Any product of Traxstech, which is damaged due to misuse, abuse and /or negligence or has been modified or dismantled, will not be covered by this warranty.

Please see specific product warranty information for more details.

  • With 30 years of fishing and 18 years of boat rigging experience, Traxstech is sure to find a way to help you with properly equipping your boat for any species your after, with our track system.

  • That's all we do in our plant is make high end, quality fishing equipment, using state of the art CNC machinery.

  • Our rugged Textured finish adds durability, improves all wear surfaces, no bright reflection and its easy to clean.

  • We offer the most extensive product line available.

  • All our aluminum parts are anodized and salt spray tested and proven.

  • Made in the USA

With the great relationships we have developed over these 18 years with our customers and friends it has helped enable us to stay on the cutting edge of product development due to all the great feedback we receive from everyone around the country.  Continually improving a product to perfection, designing and developing new items that help make our lives easier and safer while on the water are all a top priority for us here at Traxstech Corp.  Our goals are always to provide our customers with the best products available on the market !

        Quality, Innovation and Value!

Traxstech Corporation

Comprised with people who have a passion for fishing and a love for manufacturing great products, our team strives to help everyone get the most out of there fishing experience.

From concept, to design and development of a product we see each component through the process to ensure it is the best it can be.

We spend many hours each year on and off the water going over our products that have been being used in the field for years to ensure we are providing you with the quality tools needed to be more successful on your next fishing adventure.  We have fishing rod holders, fishing rod storage, clamp on fishing rod holders, t-bolt mounting system etc......