Yar-craft Boats Layout Page

We have a variety of Traxstech Equipment to gear out your boat to maximize your fishing experience.

Turn your boat into the "Ultimate Fishing Machine".

Take a look at some of the Yar-craft Boats that have been turned into "Ultimate Fishing Machines".

If you have a Yar-craft Boat you'd like to show how Traxstech is set up on it, you can email pictures to customer service@traxstech.com.

Traxstech Installation Recommendations

If you have a Yar-craft Boat we recommend installing our Ultimate Fishing System to your boat in the following ways.

You can mix and match the mounting options to configure your boat how you want to fish.

Keep in mind these are our recommendations for the best / solid and secure setup.

With 1 being the preferred way and so forth.

  1. Mounting Tracks and Trolling Bars: Install directly to the top of your gunnel wall / Through Bolt to top of gunnel wall. With the installation hardware that comes with the Traxstech tracks. The foundation of this system is an anodized aluminum mounting track with a grooved interior design. With the mounting tracks installed on your boat, this gives you the ability to change your style or method of fishing by sliding in our different types of Traxstech rod holders or down-rigger mounts in the mounting track and tightening the star-shaped thumb screws securely in place. When you are not fishing slide your equipment out of the mounting track and slide in our starboard insert.
  2. Gimbal Mounts: Designed to work in conjunction with flush mounted rod holders. The uniqueness of adapting fishing equipment to a gimbal mount allows an easy installation. When not in use the gimbal can be removed to return the boat to its original condition.
  3. Rail Mounts: The diverse use of our rail clamps allows the expansion of your system by moving rod holders forward to the bow rail or up the gunwale on a rail midship. The removability of the mounting system allows the avid fisherman to return his boat back into a pleasure craft. In addition to its flexibility, the rail clamps can be used in both horizontal or vertical position.