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FIshing Shows and Magazines


Welcome to the Great Lakes Fisherman's Digest, with your host, John Bergsma. Our website, television show and travel booth are all dedicated to conveying the vast opportunities that abound for the Great Lakes Region. We are confident that as you navigate throughout our website, you will not only find the information that you seek for a great trip but also get introduced to some pretty amazing Great Lakes Fishing Destinations.

Our Fishing TV show, website, and travel booth will be featuring a myriad of cool towns and all that their regions have to offer. If you seek a Great Lakes Fishing adventure, we have the trip for you.


Great Lakes Angler Magazine is for men, women, and kids who enjoy and want to learn about the unique angling opportunities found on North America's Sweetwater Seas. From salmon and steelhead to walleye, perch and lake trout! New places to go and new fish to fish for!


MidWest Outdoors is all about Midwest fishing and Midwest hunting: where to go, what to use and how to use it! With thousands (yes, thousands!) of outdoor articles and video posts, offers it all: fishing tips, hunting tips, marked fishing maps, nature notes, recipes, gear reviews, industry news, a calendar of events, vacation-planning ideas, seasonal patterns and trends, safety and instruction, contests, and much, much more. MidWest Outdoors is helping you enjoy the outdoors.