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Replacement Traxstech Parts

Lost a part?
Had an accident and damaged your Traxstech equipment?
We have got you covered.
Check here for parts we sell to help you replace or repair your Traxstech equipment.

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Roller Pin for small pulley roller on Traxstech DR Part # Vector-Pins / Solid Pin for small/large pulley roller on Vector Brand Downriggers Drive-Band-4 / Vector Downrigger Replacement Drive Band T-520-4 / Four Star Shaped Thumb Screws 7/8"
Two plastic caps for rod holder tube style. 

Can be used on all tube type rod holders that have a 2" diameter tube by 1/8" wall. Part # PR-2000-12S Lexan Replacement Handle for PR-2000 and PR-3000 Accidents happen in life and in fishing...

Have you accidentally lost your VBT upper cap, Mast cap or Tool holder cap?

We have a replacement Upper cap for you! T-520-4L / Long Star Shaped Thumb Screws 1-1/8"
Small-Roller / Downrigger Replacement Small Roller PRC-100 / Traxstech Planer Reel Cover This is a replacement plunger for the RRH-230 Rod Holder SB-3-6 / Plunger Assembly for all Traxstech Swivel Bases
Downrigger Replacement Small Roller
Retail Price: $14.50

Do you have one of our Traxstech / Vector Downriggers? 
Have you checked your rollers lately?
If not, then you need to. 
These rollers are a consumable, which means after a period of time and use they will wear out. KC-500-2 / Two Replacement Keeper Caps with Strap APRC-100 / Traxstech Aluminum Planer Reel Cover RS-900-2 / Pulley Retriever System Kit
Downrigger Replacement Large Roller
Retail Price: $16.00

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