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What gauge wire should I use to install my Traxstech Downrigger?
10/2 wiring is needed if the leads are 15 feet or less in length for a single downrigger. If you are wiring for multiple riggers going to an actual fuse/circuit panel, then we recommend 4 or 6 gauge
How much line comes on my Traxstech Downrigger?
We include 400 feet of line on each of our Traxstech Downriggers.
I lost the cover for my Traxstech Downrigger, do you sell replacements?
Yes we do. Look up part # DRC-1 to buy a new Traxstech Electric Down-rigger Cover.
What is the minimum length of track I can use to install downriggers to my boat?
The longer the track the more stability and strength you will have. We recommend downriggers have track that is installed directly to the gunnel. Using a smaller length may cause your equipment to fa
How should I wire my Traxstech Downrigger?
Each rigger should have its own wiring with inline fuses. It is not required to have both fuses and a circuit breaker.
What brand of plug do you recommend for the Traxstech Downrigger?
We recommend using Marineco (70 AMP) 3 wire charging/trolling system plug. They are sold on Amazon. 70A continuous rating Universal design for 2 or 3-wire configuration 12V, 24V, 12/24V, 24/36V, 36V
What pound test is the line on my Traxstech Downrigger?
It is 150# test line installed on our Traxstech Downriggers.
What size fuse does the Traxstech Downrigger use?
It is a 30 Amp fuse. Maxi fuse holders and Maxi fuses are recommended for the in-line fuse used on the positive (white) wire lead. A 30 AMP circuit breaker could also be used in place of the inline f
I have 2 Traxstech Down-rigger can I run one set of wires for both riggers?
No, Do not run multiple riggers from the same set of wires. Each down-rigger should have it's own set of wires.
Are you going to want electric down-riggers or vertical trees now or in the future?
If yes, you will want a strong mounting option right off the get go. It is easier and more economical to go with a larger track in the beginning than to invest money in a smaller track and add to you
What size bolts or screws are used on Traxstech down-rigger mount bases, the platforms are predrilled with holes? IE: PM-3 or SB-3
All of our holes are thread formed for a stronger hole, you will need to use a screwdriver when assembling. It is a ¼”-20 thread size.
How many ACB-250 Brackets do I need per track?
You will need one bracket per set of mounting holes when you are planning to use downriggers or vertical trees on the Traxstech tracks with the ACB-250 brackets. Depending on what size of a track you